Infant Educational Program — ages 6 weeks to 18 months

The infant classroom is filled with many hands-on manipulatives to increase fine motor skills.  The child is also offered opportunities to work on gross motor development inside and outside of the classroom.  The teachers are models for the social development of the child, encouraging exploration which provides security and enables social skills as the student interacts with others.  We provide a stimulating environment to inspire and motivate learning.  The classroom provides materials for early coordination and independence.

Areas of development:

  • Language Development

We strive to encourage language development with infants as they grow.  First Word books are read to the child daily.  We offer many opportunities to enhance the child’s language skills by encouraging sounds and helping the child to vocalize daily.  Our staff is trained to speak words clearly so that the language of the child can progress.

  • Cognitive Development

Cognitively, we provide work materials that encourage the child to put things into and take out of to develop fine motor skills.  The child is encouraged to begin the habit of putting materials away when finished.  Daily work time is available for the child to explore and discover a variety of materials to stimulate the mind.  The child’s vision is also addressed as we help them focus on objects and follow the objects as their vision develops.

  • Social Development

Social skills begin to develop as the child begins to feel safe and trusting of the teachers.  This helps with meeting the child’s needs for entertainment and security which is the basis for developing social skills.  As social skills are developed, independence soon follows and is encouraged as the child grows and desires to work and perform tasks unassisted.

  • Motor Development: Gross and Fine

Gross motor skills are developed as the child is free to move about the classroom and the outdoors, weather permitting.  Fine motor skill development is encouraged by providing the child with work materials to explore and freely move about the classroom while using full body movement during these activities.

  • Sensory Development

To enhance sensory development, the child is provided with a variety of materials to explore and manipulate in his/her environment.